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31.08-01.09.2018 Berlin/Maifeld

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Bringing of folding chairs, stools, tripods, bulky objects, etc. is not permitted due to licensing requirements.



Information on colour demand and music default for Pyronale 2018 will soon be published here.

Every team receives guidelines and a financial budget.

The creative composition has to contain the following:

A. Obligation (two parts):

Part 1:

About 1 minute of fireworks without music, with certain colour demand.

Part 2:

About 4 minutes of fireworks to a certain musical piece.

B. Freestyle:

About 10 minutes of fireworks to music; the individual teams chose from the classic genre out of a list of 73 popular pieces.

The evaluation is based on a 0-8 points system. The highest number equals a higher valuation. The jury assesses the individual programme parts of obligation and freestyle as well as the overall concept.
The evaluation criterions are amongst others creativity, versatility of colours and the chosen effects, synchronicity to the music, as well as the artistic and technical execution.

The jury consists of pyro-experts and celebrities.

The award ceremony takes place on the second night. Assigned are the places one to three. Every evening the spectators vote via mobile phone for the “winner of the day”. 30% of these votes are part of the total rating.