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Important notice for visitors!

For security reasons, large bags and backpacks (max. DIN A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)) are not allowed. Food and drinks, chairs, tripods, prams and selfiesticks are also not permitted due to official requirements! We recommend travelling by public transport, as the number of parking spaces is limited. We ask for your understanding. More information can be found in the FAQs.



The teams receive guidelines and a financial budget. The creative pyrotechnic overall composition must include the following points:

Set part (2 parts):

1. part: 1 minute firework without musical accompaniment but with a color specification

2. part: ca. 4 minutes with the music specification, a specially composed pop/rock anthem, which

is set for all teams


10 minutes of fireworks with free development and self-chosen music (10 hours of popular works by classical composers) under the theme Pyronale Classics.



The rating is based on a scoring system from "0" to "8". The higher number also corresponds to the higher rating. A jury judges both the individual program parts of duty and freestyle as well as the overall concept.

The evaluation criteria are a. o. creativity, variety of colors and effects, the synchronization to the music as well as the artistic and technical execution.

The jury is made up of professionals from the fireworks industry and celebrities of public life.

Every evening, the winner of the day will be announced by telephone vote of the audience. The telephone vote of the audience contributes 30% to the overall rating.

The award ceremony of the overall winner takes place on the second evening. The places are awarded one to three.