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31.08-01.09.2018 Berlin/Maifeld

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Bringing of folding chairs, stools, tripods, bulky objects, etc. is not permitted due to licensing requirements.


Teams 2017

The Teams of the Pyronale 2017

Six international teams will line up this year for the Pyronale 2017 and present an unforgettable show - using light, fire & music. We are pleased to introduce you to the participant teams.


Set up of the teams for the 1st and 2nd of September:

Friday September 1st
England - Smart Pyrotechnics
France - Pandora Pyrotechnie

Norway - North Star Fireworks AS (winner of the day)

Saturday September 2nd
Kroatia - Mirnovec
Kanada - Firemaster Production

Italy - Martarello Group (winner of the day)


Winner of Pyronale 2017

Gold: North Star Fireworks AS from Norway

Silver: Martarello Group from Italy

Bronze:  Pandora Pyrotechnie from France


All information may be subject to change!