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31.08-01.09.2018 Berlin/Maifeld

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Bringing of folding chairs, stools, tripods, bulky objects, etc. is not permitted due to licensing requirements.


The teams of the Pyronale 2018

This year we will be sending selected audience favorites from previous years into the race against each other. Six international teams compete in the Pyronale 2018 to present an incredible show of light, fire and music.

We are happy to introduce you the teams.


The lineup for the 31st of August and the 1st of September 2018:


Friday, 31st of August 2018

Super Power (Poland)
Audience favorite of 2016, already in third generation in family hands and awarded with numerous international prizes.

Martarello Group (Italy)
Audience winner of 2017 and one of the leading players in the field of Italian pyrotechnics.

Potsdamer Feuerwerk (Germany)
Audience winner of 2015 and known from the Hamburger Hafengeburtstag as well as from the Bürgerfest of the Federal President.


Saturday, 1st of September

Heron Fireworks (Netherlands)
Audience winner of 2014 and the biggest performing fireworks company of the Netherlands.

Orion Art (Russia)
The Audience winner of 2011 implements successfully huge multimedia, laser and pyro shows in Russia.

Apogée (Canada)
Audience winner und Pyronale champion of 2008 and one of the most innovative and successful pyro teams in Canada.



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